Wolf Den Fusion Net Tonight

I wanted to exercise the w9hsy fusion repeater tonight and having grown up in CT I found the Wolf-Den Fusion #HamRadio Net in New England Wires-X room Number 28941. It is held on Friday nights at 8 Eastern (7 Central). The repeater worked perfectly. I used my FT5D connected to my J-Pole on the porch and it connected perfectly. I announced the Madison Area Repeater Association Hamfest and let them know if there are any Wolf-Den folk who come all the way out I would pay for their admission. I think that is a pretty safe bet.

Makes me wonder if we should deliberately start a Northern Midwest Fusion Net. I see something in Indiana, Michigan and Nebraska but I didn’t see any Minnesota, Wisconsin or Illinois. I’m going to chew on this for a while. We’ve had a once per month Digital Fusion net but in conflicted with the Wednesday night Dane/Iowa County (Wisconsin) ARES/RACES Net. Good to hear those New England accents again!






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